Eat, Drink & Be Happy

About Me

To borrow a line from the '80s classic Don't Stop Believin': "Just a small town girl..." Photo: Emily Thomsen

An Iowa girl through and through, I spent most of my 21 years on a farm in the north central region of the state. Though it is not for everyone, I am proud of my background and continually thankful for the ethics and life lessons instilled in me by my farming family. The last four years have been dominated by exams and projects while earning a Marketing degree from Iowa State University. Thankfully, graduation is scheduled for May 2010.

When I am not busy gaining an education, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, flipping through fashion and lifestyle magazines, going for walks and watching movies and the Food Network. I simply believe that drinking a Coca-Cola will make any day brighter, owning too many bags and purses is impossible and the best cup of coffee is made in my own kitchen.   

Food is one of my first loves, and I suspect the affair will continue for many years to come. Throughout my life, it has played a major role in all family gatherings and seems to be the one thing that causes us all to pause and spend time together. Most of all, I love to bake. Every time I return home, I am prepared with a new recipe or a hankering for a time-tested family favorite. If I could make a living baking, I would.


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